Here you will find whatever production videos, interviews of the cast/crew, gif and photo sets, and whatever else I can find while navigating the internet as it relates to The Hobbit (book and/or movies). There may be fanart. There may be images of the actors/actresses in non-Hobbit garb. There may be some LotRs sprinkled in. There will not be anything that I deem "shipping" or "pairings" of the characters as that makes me gag when it comes to Tolkien's world.
Feel free to message me if you find something that you wish to share.








is this legit?

This is legit. My husband, sitting across the room, looks over and says, “IS THAT SOMEONE SHOWING HOW TO CONVERT ENGLISH TO TENGWAR?  BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY!”

Believe this man.  He owns atlases of Middle Earth, the complete history of Middle Earth (leatherbound), and has read the books at least 150 times.  Also: speaks elvish.


What if there are two vowels in a row?

Does anyone know the answer to that last question?

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